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Picture that Defines UMW

Given the nature of this assignment it is impossible to find a picture that completely defines UMW, so I have decided to capture a prominent aspect of life at UMW. This picture was taken during my sophomore year or maybe my freshmen year. In this picture my friends, Jacob Dellinger and Michael Higgins, are attempting to catapult me so I can jump much higher than I usually can. Weird, right?

The oddity of this picture defines the social scene on campus walk. If you notice I am pretty much on the middle of campus walk, thereby making it difficult or annoying for students to walk to class for example. The judgment of my action is something many student’s take part in on a day to day basis through people watching. People watching is usually done through sitting on a bench for an extended period of time during which student’s observe other students. Everyone will judge my action, however their particular judgment delineates their social class in this social environment. For me if others find my act humorous, I will think they are cool and I could become friends with them. Nevertheless, there will always see my action as immature and obnoxious. Those poor souls will not have the joy of being my friend.

Weird stuff happens on campus walk, what you consider is cool or dumb in part defines student’s social relationship at UMW.


I went on a service trip over Winter Break to Honduras, during which we starting construction on a school among other things. This is a picture of my friend Pat Emsley and I during construction of a school.

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